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Summary and Key Takeaways

1. PwC Accelerator Shines Focus on Tokenization

PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) selected 11 startups from 700 applications in its Scale accelerator. Tokenization platforms Vertalo, Brickken, and Zoniqx were among the selected, all working towards tokenization solutions and bridging for institutions and retail users alike. Vertalo is the most veteran of this group, followed by Brickken and Zoniqx. Naturally, the cohort of 11 also included identity and compliance solutions & fund administration workflows that are complements - even necessities - to unlocking the full range of tokenization.

2. RWA Purpose-Built Blockchain Plume Raises $10 million

Plume, a protocol purpose-built for real-world assets including collectibles, alternative assets, synthetics, luxury goods, real estate, DeFi, raised a $10 million seed round from Haun Ventures, Galaxy Digital, and numerous others. After eclipsing 80 RWA projects, the EVM L2 is designed to enable DeFi interaction like earning yield, borrowing/lending, trading, and speculating with leverage on RWAs. Plume is likely working on securities integrations while currently focusing on collectibles and items, or focusing on non-US offerings in preferential jurisdictions.

3. REtokens to Tokenize $30 million on Polymesh

REtokens, a real estate-focuses tokenization platform and service provider, signed $30 million in real estate assets to tokenize on the Polymesh blockchain. REtokens is offering US accredited investors with a blend of commercial real estate offerings in addition to its own REtokens preferred equity offering.

Notable Market Headlines

Institutional Activity

STM Data

This week the Security Token Market data team would like to highlight the Equities section from the STM Monthly Report - April 2024

Market Cap: $17,362,408,314 (1.18% MoM)

Volume: $8,184,922 (-30.32% MoM)

Insights: Equity security tokens experienced a decrease in volume from March, yet the market cap remained stable. This month, Realio stuck out as the top trading equity token, accounting for $5,053,406 in trading volume throughout April 2024, with the most active day being 4/12/2024 at $788,845.

This is the same day that Realio posted a thread on X/ Twitter talking about recently added staking and governance features which may have increased the confidence in the security token itself. The Realio Security Token ($RST) offers ownership and profit share rights in Realio Technology LTD, along with staking and utility features for network participation. Holders can anticipate equity returns from both Realio Technology LTD and the Realio Network, while RST actively trades on UniswapV2.

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Hello members,

If the US got proper crypto regulation back in 2015, I wonder how the industry would look today! I would like to think that it would be dramatically better off. Alas, unfortunately we can’t go back in time and frankly, the missing factor would still be present. That factor? Your vote. 

Suddenly it matters to both parties to win over the crypto industry. Both sides have a history of disavowing the technology and showing a complete lack of understanding. Has that changed? Maybe only a little, but it’s clear neither potential future POTUS has a grip on it.

So what can we expect? It’s clear Trump would change the SEC’s tune if he stuck to his word. Will Biden consider a new standpoint and have a talk with his pal Gensler? As two crypto related bills head to the US Senate and a full presidential election cycle about to hit full steam, one thing is certain: new industry rules are likely coming in 2025/ 26.

Happy tokenizing,
CEO, Security Token Group 

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